Adelaide 6/12/24 hour

Where: Adelaide University Sports Field, North Adelaide, SA.

Status: Accurately measured 2200 metre circuit on footpath surrounding north parklands. IAU bronze labelled road race.

When: Next race is held 8-9 July, 2017. A 24 hour section was added in 2011. (6 and 12 Hour start at 6am and the 24 Hour at 10am). Double check start times close to race date.

No. of finishers (all race categories): 2015 – 133; 2014 – 84; 2013 – 79; 2012 – 36; 2011 – 37; 2010 – 17;

How long in existence: since 2010

Winners in recent years:

Adelaide 24 Hour Results

2016Barry McBride 206.802kmNicole Barker 217.266km
2015Lachlan Fraser184.090kmLee Piantadosi207.354km
2014Mick Thwaites226.636kmEmma Vaughan208.882km
2013John Keats194.748kmEmma Vaughan201.355km
2012Arnulf Riedl182.303kmEmma Vaughan175.668km
2011Malcolm Gamble183.800kmEmma Vaughan168.546km

Adelaide 12 Hour Results

2016Wayne Calvert 124.466kmRebecca Taipari 104.211km
2015David Turnbull139.664kmAmelia Griffith116.395km
2014Wayne Botha125.778kmValerie Muskett109.378km
2013Malcolm Gamble136.129kmLouise Nickson110.499km
2012Kevin Muller124.572kmLynn Smythe101.578km
2011David Edwards111.128kmDanella Haseldine76.960km
2010Malcolm Gamble133.700kmSarah Barnett87.880km

Adelaide 6 Hour Results

2016Paul Roberts 74.274kmTia Jones 70.669km
2015Cameron Gillies78.690kmMarlize Bekker66.125km
2014Rick Cooke77.743kmMarlize Viviers61.935km
2013Kevin Muller75.421kmHayley Teale64.649km
2012David Staehr76.354kmKate Savage64.016km
2010Brett Worley65.183kmEmma Vaughan52.878km
2011Zac Savage69.268kmJoanna Kruk69.223km

Race organiser: Ben Hockings email

Results 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010